Life Drawing Workshop - August 30, 2015

After missing the last two Sundays of the life drawing workshop I finally had a free day. But I've also been trying to make a point of doing archery at least once a month and I haven't done it yet. So I had to decide between archery or drawing.

Drawing won and I decided to do archery the next weekend. Hopefully, we're clear next weekend of any hurricanes that might impact us folks in Hawaii.

We've had a very busy hurricane season this year. Much more so than I can ever remember. We've had about 2 or 3 scares already. One had just passed our state several days ago and another two are heading our way. The first one is scheduled to arrive around the middle of the week. For now it looks like it might pass to the north of us.

Back to life drawing. Below are 20-minute drawings done in black and white charcoal on tone paper.